⭐️Book Tour⭐️ Knee Deep by Suzanne Lane

With thanks to @zooloosBT and @suzelaneauthor for a place on the tour and the opportunity to read and review this book


Three Best friends with three very different stories.

Georgie Baxter, a sensible wife and mother of two, spends her whole life juggling work with running the household.

Liza Carmichael is happily married to Tom – the most perfect man on the planet. She has a great life but craves for a baby to make their family complete.

Brooke Collins is confident, independent and full of sass. As well as being incredibly gorgeous, she is a highly successful businesswomen, who doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

These three friends have been together forever and support each other through thick and thin. Which is certainly needed at this time of their lives, as things start to unravel for them.

Can they fix each other when they become knee deep in their own problems?


This charming and engaging story instantly captured my attention and the writing flowed so well it was a joy to read. I felt all the emotions and the likeable characters really draw you in to their lives. We can all relate with the way they are trying to do their best and how their friendships shape and guide them – I loved their interactions together.

The split perspective means we get to know all the women really well and feel invested in their lives and how the story unfolds. Georgie is a busy working mum who devotes her time to her children and husband, is there more to his late night working? Liza has a loving husband and desperately wants a baby to complete her happy family. Brooke has a successful career and a party life style and seems the most content but is she looking for more?

They have been friends forever navigating life and all the ups and downs it throws at them. Each has their own pressures and stresses, and life struggles they are facing, and they draw on each other and listen, support and strengthen one another. It takes us on an emotional rollercoaster with each character and I felt like I was going through their journeys with them!

It’s a celebration of friendship which pulls on your heart strings and lifts your spirits. There are so many relatable themes covered from juggling family, work and social commitments, societal expectations in play, facing your fears, and making time to look after ourselves. All three women are determined to be there for each other and their resilience shines through. This is a fun-filled, enjoyable read packed with humour and heart. One to be added to your TBR!


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