🏕 Book Tour 🏕 The Wild Year by Jen Benson

With thanks to @crudites_, @jenandsim, and @aurumpress for my gifted copy, and the opportunity to read and review this book.


This book tells the uplifting true story of a family who left their old life behind to spend a year living wild in a tent around Britain.

With a baby and a toddler, mounting debt, work demands and stress trampling over their desire to spend time together as a family in nature, Jen and Sim Benson move out of their rented accommodation, sell up their possessions and decide to live in a tent for a year as nomads around rural Britain.

This is the story of that year – the highs and the lows – the doubts, epiphanies and the weather.

Detailing one family’s search for a life in the wild, away from the screens and stresses of modern life, this captivating memoir is a must read for nature lovers or anyone who has dreamed of a life outdoors.

It’s nature writ large with the joys and challenges of each season experienced under canvas, a story of ultimate freedom in the beautiful landscapes of Britain. This is a book that gently steals up on you and captures your heart.


Wow, I couldn’t stop turning the pages! This insightful memoir is beautifully written and pulled me in straight away, I felt swept away in the exciting adventure unfolding and the vivid landscapes so well captured on the page. Compelling topics are discussed and it leaves us with a lot to think about; it’s timely, relatable in the everyday struggles faced, and inspiring.

The ever increasing costs of living mean quality family time is dwindling as the work/life balance becomes more impossible, stress levels are rising, and the flawed society we live in is harder to ignore. I loved Jen and Sim’s search for a better way of life, to be active participants rather than just going through the motions. To get the most out of life in a meaningful way, and their amazing can do attitude and support for one another clearly shines through.

As they bravely step into the unknown and get back to basics, fully immersing themselves in the great outdoors, the family get to appreciate and explore nature and wildlife, and a calmer, quieter pace of life. The writing wonderfully captures the tranquil settings experienced but doesn’t shy away from the challenges faced as they battled against the elements and harsh setbacks.

It’s heartwarming to hear how the children flourish, it’s such an enriching experience to have this unfettered access to the natural wonders on offer. I loved the family motto: all together or not at all, and how a deeper connection with each other, nature, and the world around them is forged.

We see the kindness of strangers they meet along the way, and how challenges are overcome that are physically and emotionally draining but they are the stronger for it. It’s a gem of a story about family and striving to do our best in a world where so much is out of our control. It opens our eyes to the true meaning of home, and is hopeful and full of possibilities. It’s definitely a book I recommend and leaves a lasting impression.

Thank you for sharing your amazing journey, and good luck for the next chapter!


About the Author

Jen Benson has a passion for wild places and sustainable adventures. A lifelong runner, she is a writer, photographer and part-time PhD researcher exploring the philosophy of running. Jen and her husband Sim live in Wiltshire with their two young children. They have co-written several books including Wild Running, Short Walks in Beautiful Places, Amazing Family Adventures and 100 Great Walks with Kids. Jen writes regularly for the national press.

For more information visit jenandsimbenson.co.uk and wildrunning.net

Twitter/Instagram @jenandsim

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